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Feliz ano nuevo
Namassakarn, no question just wanna say "happy new year" - Feliz ano nuevo
โดยคุณ : abc - [ 4 ม.ค. 2003 , 16:29:23 น. ]

Dear ABC,
Did you see we have finally put up the English part? Not finalised yet, but at least it is open for the public. There shuld be a space similar to this one, that is questions and answers.
How did you spend you New Year day?
We had a wonderful 3-day retreat in English for the first time, and it turned out very positive. We are encouraged to keep it up. With the Buddhas' blessing to you.
โดยคุณ : dhammananda - [ 5 ม.ค. 2003 , 07:59:23 น.]

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