The 3-day training International course conducted at the temple 28-31 December 2002 went so well. There were 21 participants, one Canadian, one Danish, One German, and one American. The rest were Thai women.
       The structure of the training was designed to balance between the training of the mind and body with a touch of empowerment for women.
       There was meditation session both early morning and evening, this was guided meditation to get through basic of meditation. One learned how to concentrate and came to the level of quieting down the monkey-mind.
       There was chI kong, to generate the vital energy and yoga for the training of the body.
       There were games every afternoon, at the end of the retreat one realized through games, one discovered oneself in a revealing manner. The process of learning led to self discovery and improvement.
       Working with clay helped one to find inner peace and contentment.
       Walking meditation allowed one to be truly connected with mind and body.
       Many participants found a comforting and uplifting experience to have an opportunity to follow the Venerable on her Sunday alms round in the village.
       Personal problems were taken care of among group of sincere and loving friends. At the end of the retreat, some wrote with a new discovery of a wholesome self to face the world.
       It was a happy and joyful retreat.

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