June 24 the Sala tree wept, 
Shedding its leaves to pay respect 
To the great soul of a bhikkhuni 
Who braved the storm 
And took the first step 
To establish the bhikkhuni Sangha In Thailand. 

Ven.Dhammananda paid the final respect to the Ven.Grandma.

General Chamlong Srimuang came to pay respect.

The Ven. Pra Bhavanavisuddhikhun poured the water for the bathing rite.

International bhikkhuni sangha, mae jis and lay disciples paid respect in front of the crematorium.

Ven.Dhammananda (daughter), Ekachat, Vorachat, Chatthukur (grandsons) and Parami (great grandson).

International bhikkhuni sangha took one last picture before the Ven.Grandmažs casket was taken to the crematorium. 

Mr.Chuan Leekpai (ex prime minister) came to pay respect and presided over the cremation.

Disciples paid final respect.

General Vasith Dejkhunchorn, deputy director of the police department also came to pay respect.

Mr.Chuan Leekpai offered the robe in front of the casket.

Achaan Sulak Sivaraksa attended the offering session.

Ven.Dhammananda and the bhikkhunis laid flowers just prior to the actual cremation.

The Ven. Pra Taksinanukit, deputy chief of Muang district, Nakhonpathom came to attend the chanting service. 

Oct.24 Ven.Grandmažs ashes was scattered at the base of the stupa in Kapilvastu.

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