Theravada bhikkhuni Sangha ordination in Thailand

Dhammananda bhikkhuni reported


In 2013 there was a bhikkhuni ordination by Sri Lankan Sanghas in Payao, northern Thailand, but that one was an ordination given only to one Thai bhikkhuni.

On Nov.29,2014 there was, for the first time in Thai history an ordination was given to 8 Thai Sikkhamanas to become bhikkhunis.
The leader of the group spent 10 years as white robe maeji before making a decision to become samaneri. She took her lower ordination to become samaneri along with her followers on January 15,2011. Her preceptor was Ven.Dhammananda bhikkhuni.



In November,the same year she requested for further commitment to become sikkhamanas (intensive samaneris), there were 8 samaneris who became sikkhamanas at Songdhammakalyani Monastery in Nakhonpathom, central Thailand. This time Ven.Dhammananda bhikkhuni along with 5 other bhikkhunis to form a chapter of bhikkhuni sangha admitted the group to be sikkhamanas.


Sikkhamanas are samaneris, therefore they keep 10 precepts, to become sikkhamanas, they have to make sure not to break any of the first six precepts (Anudhamma) for two years before they can apply for full ordination to become bhikkhunis.

After having completed 2 years, all the eight sikkhamanas requested for full ordination to become bhikkhunis. On the bhikkhu sangha side, the preceptor was Maha Nayaka Mahindavamsa Maha Thero, abbot of Dipaduttamaramaya temple in Colombo. Ven.Dr.Kalupahana and Ven.Sudhamma were Kammavacacarya and Anusavanacharya, all the three of them were Sri Lankans along with 17 Thai bhikkhus were present at this ordination. Minimum requirement of the attendance is 5 in far away land and 10 in the central area.


On the bhikkhuni side, Ven.Bhikkhuni Sumitra from Sri Lanka  was the Pavattini (teacher), with Ven.Santini (15 vassas from Indonesia), Ven.Dr Lieu Phap (13 Vassas from Vietnam) as Kammavacacarini and Anusavanacarini. Ven.Sumanapali (Sri Lanka), Ven.Dhammananda (Vassa 12) and 8 other Thai bhikkhunis participated at the ordination.



This ordination was complete according to the  four Vinaya requirements namely, the preceptor and the sanghas met the requirement; the candidates met the requirement; the place of ordination was within consecrated sima boundary; and the kammavaca act of pronouncement was done properly.

Right after the ordination ceremony amidst the 20 members of bhikkhu sangha and 12 members of bhikkhuni sangha, Maha Nayaka Mahindavamsa MahaThero made an announcement appointed Ven.Dhammananda bhikkhuni as the first pavattini  in Thailand as she has completed 12 vassa.


The ordination ended well with a large crowd of well wishers, relatives of the candidates, etc.

In the afternoon, Ven.Dhammananda gave temporary ordination to 47 women to become samaneris for 9 days.

The event ended on a happy note.