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Namassakarn from Spain ka
Namassakarn luang pi..It took me such a long time to visit this website becuase I'm just a normal human who still concern with both & good thing. However, I always reconize Luang pi eventhoug, I never know Luang pi before, but just from some articles. I hope that Luang pi would have a very good health to practice and acheive your mission. God bless you ka.
โดยคุณ : abc - [ 15 พ.ค. 2003 , 19:18:53 น. ]

Dear Sister,
I hope when you visit Thailand in your next trip, you will visit us at our temple. This vassa we will have 5 bhikkhunis from Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Thenwe can do proper sanghakamma.
โดยคุณ : dhammananda - [ 23 พ.ค. 2003 , 07:49:53 น.]

Namassakarn Luang pi..
Next time when I go back to Thailand, I will visit luang pi and your temple. I almost finish my studying but due to the fact that I couldn't control myself to concentrate on my research..So it took me more time in finishing. Take care of ourself na ka.
โดยคุณ : abc - [ 27 พ.ค. 2003 , 01:03:30 น.]

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