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Q and A
Q & A : From Manassinee to Dhammananda bhikkhuni

Questions from Manassinee, a student at Claremont Mckenna, U.S.A.
Answered by Dhammananda Bhikkhuni

Q and A

1. Where are you?
We are at 195 Petkasem Highway, Muang District, Nakhonpathom 73000 Thailand. Go to "How to find us(Map) for detailed directions.

2.  I would like to come and practice for the week-ends. Do you have the facilities?
Yes, call us on 034 258 270. There is a small fee of $20 a day to cover boarding and lodging.  We provide 2 main meals (vegan). Residents are expected to follow the monastic rhythm of getting up for morning chanting at 5.30 AM and evening chanting at 7 PM. On Sundays we also have a dhamma class for the public.

3.  How many of you are in the monastery? I intend to come and make offering on my birthday?
There are 6 bhikkhunis and 5 samaneris. We also have 3 lay women practicing as volunteers.

4.  Can any one come for ordination?
Ordination is still a controversial issue in Thai society, though not for us. Therefore you can come and try out by living with us as a lay member. If you feel comfortable with the lifestyle then you can consider making more of a commitment. Here we emphasize on living in a community.


Songdhammakalyani Monastry 195 Petkasem Highway Muang District, Nakhonpathom Thailand 73000
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