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As the ancient saying goes

Family Advice II

Title: As the ancient saying goes: “Sometimes, in heavy winds, it is necessary to let out some line to keep the dragon-kite afloat.” (initial copy in German)

Questions from Bild am Sonntag followed by Answers from Dr. Chatsumarn:

Children Are Not Naturally Lazy

Family Advice  I

Title: “Children Are Not Naturally Lazy”  (initial copy in German)

Thailand: Dr. Chatsumarn Kabilsing is a Buddhist Bhikkhuni (Nun) and considered to be a world-wide expert on questions of child bearing and social welfare. Her work is supported by the Dali Lama. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. 

Questions from Bild am Sonntag followed by Answers from Dr. Chatsumarn:

Vihara and scultpture of the Medicine Buddha

      An article about an upcoming celebration that is taking place at Songdhammakalyani Temple on April 6th.  The ceremony is a celebration of the centenary anniversary of her mother's birth, Venerable Voramai,  and the dedication of a Vihara and scultpture of the Medicine Buddha in the Dhamma Garden. 
     There is a fascinating story behind the building of the Vihara. Venerable Dhammananda had a vision of the Medicine Buddha seven years before she was ordained and was confused as to what the image meant.  After her ordination, she understood that she was supposed to build a sanctuary for the Medicine Buddha where sick people would come to pray and ask for his help. She drew a sketch of the Medicine Buddha and gave it to a local sculptor. Almost three years later, the Vihara has been completed and that brings us to the current celebration.
      There will be 100 maejis staying at the Temple. The women will chant in the morning and male monks will chant in the afternoon. There will also be a group of Thai dancers performing. I asked Dhammananda for the name of a contact person at the Bangkok Post and she suggested you.Are you interested in an article, and if so, how long would you like the piece to be? I have a friend who is a photographer and she will be accompanying me to take pictures the day of the event.

Articel wrITTEN by Cindy Rasicot


Why are there no Bhikkunis in Thailand?

for Young People 

Have you ever wondered why, even though the Lord Buddha stated the Buddhist community should have four ranks: Bhikkhus, Bhikkhunis, Upasakas, and Upasikas, Thailand has no Bhikkhunis?

Fund out the truth through this article :
Where are all women?
page 1, page 2   

source : NJ Magazine (the Nation Junior), September 2007

A brief history of Sanghamitta

Princess Sanghamitta is a duagther of King Asoka (3rd Century B.C.) and later on became Bhikkhuni. She also established the bhikkhuni sangha in Sri lanka. You can know more about Sanghamitta thorugh this article.


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