Yasodhara newsletter on international buddhist woman's activitiws 
Vol.18 no.1 (no.73) October-December,B.E. 2545 (2002)

Happy faces of those who participated in the 3-month training course and also the 33rd Buddhasavika retreat.

Most Venerable Pra Bhavanavisuddhikhun welcomed our group at his temple ...Wat Luangpo Sod Dhammakayarama in Rajburi. All of us felt deep gratitude.

Most Ven.Pra Bhavana Visuddhikhun, a senior monk received our invitation and came to give blessing at the opening ceremony of the training.

The dead branch posed a danger, as it might fall on its own accord on to the kuti nearby, so we have to take it down.

Mr.Kitti Navara brought 7 of the workers from his factory to help us bring down the dead branches of
"the four noble truths"

Ven,Buntae came to teach the group how to recycle our waste and make compose.

For a day tour, the group visited Wat Nong Hoi (in the back ground) where they viewed the largest Guan Yin statue, the abbot expressed his kindness by treating our group for a vegetarian lunch. Thank you and Modhana.

The maechis and donchees (from Cambodia) practiced eating from the bowl to follow the tradition of the Buddha.

Community work is part of the training, the Cambodian donchees gave full support.


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