Yasodhara newsletter on international buddhist woman's activities 
Vol.20 (no.75) April-June, B.E. 2546 (2003)

Five nuns asking for lower ordination.

Dr. Ariratne, director of Sarvodaya Movement came to greet Dhammananda while she was waiting for her ordination.

Ven.Bhikkhuni M.K.Sudharma (originally from Arkansas, USA) congratulated Dhammananda at her ordination.

The newly ordained Bhikkhuni Dhammananda was invited to address a gathering of bhikkhunis and laypeople at Sakyadhita Center after the ordination.

Pavattini Bhikkhuni Khemacari fixing the bowl for her disciple, Dhammananda.

The four newly ordained bhikkhunis received Nissaya and admonition from the two Sanghas.

After the actual ordination ceremony was over, the newly ordained bhikkhunis made offering to each of the bhikkhus and bhikkhunis.

During admonition period, the bhikkhus were seen sitting across the hall while the bhikkhunis were seated on the two sides with the newly ordained in the centre,

Newly ordained bhikkhunis and samaneri received offering from the Sri Lankan supporters.

The newly ordained bhikkhunis followed a colorful procession, an effective educational tool for the Sri Lankan public.

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