Yasodhara newsletter on international buddhist woman's activities 
Vol.20 (no.75) April-June, B.E. 2546 (2003)

         February 28,2003 four samaneris received full ordination at Tapo-dhanaramaya, Mt.Lavinia, Colombo, Sri Lankaand became bhikkhunis. 
         I completed my 2-year term as Samaneri and Sikkhamana in Feb.2003. As the time drew near, I made connection and preparation sincethe end of 2002. Ven Dhammaloka first said that an international ordination will be held in 2004 butI made a special request to have it done in 2003. After much preparation, Ven Dhammaloka was happy to commit himself for Feb.28,2003. 
        As it turned out there were four samaneris receiving full ordination at this event. Ven.Su-dhamma, an American lawyer, ordained as samaneri for four years with Ven.Bhante Gunaratna of Bhavana Society, W.V; myself (Dhammananda) from Thailand; Ven.Gunasari, a Burmese medicaldoctor living in the US; and Ven.Saccavadi alsoa Burmese studying in Sri Lanka. Natthaporn Padmanirankul from Thailand was ordained as samaneri at the same event.  
        There were 12 senior monks and 10 seniorbhikkhunis. Among the bhikkhus were Ven.Dham-maloka Mahathera, Ven.Nandaratna Mahathera, Ven.K.Vajira Mahathera, Ven.P.Somalankara Mahathera, Ven.Piyananda Mahathera (from LA), Ven.Ananda (from Holland) etc. 
        My Pavattini, (bhikkhuni Uppajjhaya) wasVen.Bhikkhuni Khemacari president of the Bhik-khuni Association from Neugala, Sri Lanka. She was very well practiced nun and had morethan 40 years of ordained life. Ven.Bhikkhuni Sudarshana came days earlier to train us forthe ceremony, Ven.Bhikkhuni Sudinna spent long hours translating for us and made sure we did the proper 9 bows! I am most grateful to all of them. 
        After the ordination, Sakyadhita Sri Lanka put a lot of effort to organize a colorful proces-sion and a warm reception at the center onSri Dhammananda Mawattha outside Colombo for all the five newly ordained ones. 
         I am most thankful to Mrs.Ranjani deSilva for all her effort, Ven.Bhikkhuni Supeshla, young and vibrant bhikkhuni with her team to make the reception a great event.

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