The bhikkhunis took the lead in offering the light at Magha Puja festival, July 13,2003

The bhikkhuni sangha went to pay respect to the relics of the Buddha, Golden Mount, Wat Sraket, Bangkok. Aug.6,2003 

First time in the Thai history that the bhikkhuni sangha recited the Patimokkha (set of monastic rules) every half month through the vassa (rain retreat).

The representative of Fo Guang Shan, Bangkok branch welcomed the bhikkhuni sangha and kindly offered a vegetarian lunch after presenting certificates to them. 

Ven.Rahatungoda Saddha Sumana instructed Ven.Dhammananda to make a ¨pintuˇ mark on the newly received kathina robe. Oct.12,2003

The bhikkhuni sangha visited and paid respect to the 53 bhikkhuni statues casted by King Rama III (approx.100 years ago) at Wat Rajnadda, Bangkok.Aug.6,2003 

The bhikkhunis attended a vinaya class with Ven.Man Ho.

Ven.Dhammananda went to give a lecture at Sri Nakharindharavirot University, accompanied by the bhikkhuni sangha. Aug.18,2003 

Alms round is always a joyful experience both for the bhikkhunis and the lay people

Grade 5 students from a prestigious Sathit Chula primary school lined up to ask questions from the international bhikkhunis whom they met for the first time. Sept.17,2003 

Ven.Man Ho gave a dhamma talk at a weekly session organized by Seven-Eleven, Oct.1,2003.

The bhikkhunis with a welcoming sign on the left with some members who came to attend the retreat.

Ven.Dhammananda lectured on the history of Buddhism in Thailand to the bhikkhuni sangha during the vassa training.

American students came for a visit and had a lively discussion with the bhikkhuni sangha. Aug.6,2003. 

Ven.Man Ho explained the Bodhisattva˛s path to the bhikkhunis in Theravada tradition. Aug.3,2003

Two bhikkhunis made an announcement on the robe offered as kathina robe. Robe-offering ceremony at Wat Songdhammakalyani, Thailand.

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