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  The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha of the Six Schools 
      This is and English translation of the existing monastic code of conduct for the nuns, translated from Chinese Tipitaka. The six schools are Theravada, Sarvastivada, Mahasanghika, Dharmagupta, Mulasarvastivada and Mahisasaka.

  Tree of Life 
      There are 3 articles on environment one by H.H the Dalai Lama and one by Dr. Chatsumarn Kabilsingh.

Buddhism and Nature Conversation
This is originally a research for wildlife Fund Thailand to provide materials from Buddhist texts which could be adapted for the purpose of Nature Conservation. The book provides beautiful 4-colour pictures by Khun Mongkol Wongkalasin.

A Comparative Study of Bhikkhuni Patimokkha 
Original text used for this study was from the nuns monastic code from 6 schools as found in the Chinese Tripitaka. The study reveals interesting social and historical settings from the Buddha�s time.

Women in Bhddhism 
     The book provides answers and many relevant questions regarding Buddhist attitude to women in general and to ordination of women in particular.

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