A.   Preparation

        For those women who seriously consider to take on a more committed path to become bhikkhunis, they should allow themselves to get acquainted with both the ideas and lifestyle.

They may begin as follows:

  • Visit the temple on a weekly basis.
  • Be part of the community by becoming a live-in member.
  • Receive 8 precepts and wear white.
  • Attend 3-month training in preparation for lower ordination.
  • Getting ready for lower ordination.
  • Have sufficient financial support.
  • Getting ready for the sangha kamma required.
  • 2-year training as a samaneri.

    B.   Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 for first training, having good health.
  • No education requirement, but one must have willingness to learn.
  • No physical handicap.
  • Fully understand the purpose of ordination.

    C.   Regulation
       Once ordained as bhikkhuni she must reside with the community of bhikkhuni for a minimum 5 years. This is a ‘bhikkhuni in Residence’ Project which will continue for 5 vassas. Senior Sri Lankan bhikkhunis will be invited to stay at the temple for this project.

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