Annual Activities for 2003

Songdhammakalyani Temple, Nakhonpathom, Thailand

    Buddha-savika Training:
                    #34 April 13-15 (Arrival April 12 in the evening)
                    #35 July 12-14 ( Arrival July 11 in the evening)
                    #36 December 5-7 (Arrival Dec.4 in the evening)

             Kindly donate for the expense, with minimum 7 days early registration.

    Program during the Vassa (Rain retreat)
            There will be international foreign bhikkhunis in residence during this time, please feel free to come and offer dana.

    Group training
             You can arrange for a group training with Ven. Dhammananda, kindly contact for the specific date.

    Offering and Dhamma talks.
             There is regular offering service which is accompanied by dhamma talk and meditation at 10.30 AM every Sunday and Wanpra (8th,15th day of the waxing and waning moon)
              And also on the following important days :

           Feb.16 Magha Puja
           April 6, Offering to our teachers, Ven.Grand Mother’s birthday
           May 15 Visakha Puja
           July 13 Asalha Puja
           July 14 Entering the Vassa (Rain retreat)
           Aug.12 Mother’s day, with special offering dedicating to H.M.the Queen
           Oct.10 Ending the Vassa
           Oct.12 Kathina Offering
           Oct.23 Special offering dedicating to H.M.Rama V
           Dec.10 Receiving bodhisattva’s precept, with special offering to Princess Sanghamitta Theri
           Dec.31 Offering on the New year eve.

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