Bhikkhuni Upasampada is done only in Bhikkhu sangha
Dhammananda bhikkhuni

It has long been misunderstood that ordination of bhikkhuni must be done by both sanghas. For this reason bhikkhuni ordination was seen as not possible as there were no bhikkhunis in Thailand through 700 years of history.

In fact if we study Vinaya properly we find that it was only the Queen Maha Pajapati Gotami who received ordination from the Buddha (through Ven.Ananda) by taking the 8 Garudhammas. A large group of Sakiyanis who followed her received upasampada from bhikkhu sangha. This ordination by bhikkhu sangha continued on for sometimes until there was a case of a candidate who was shy and  could not answer the antarayikadhamma (points which might be obstacle to ordained life). The ordination could not be completed and the case was reported to the Buddha.
It was with this incident that the Buddha suggested that the bhikkhuni sangha came in and play the role to purify the candidate of antarayikadhamma. Once purified, the bhikkhuni representative should report to the bhikkhu sangha.


Then the bhikkhu sangha continue with the upasampada. I would like to emphasise that upasampada is done only in bhikkhu sangha not in bhikkhuni sangha and then again in bhikkhu sangha as it is done in Sri Lanka at present.
I would like to quote from Cullavagga,Vinaya Pitaka no.574
“Anujanami bhikkhave ekato upasampannaya bhikkhunisanghe visuddhaya bhikkhusanghe upasampadetunti”
Translated in Mahamakut version of the Vinaya as
“The Buddha said “ O bhikkhus I allow the candidate ordained in one sangha, she is purified in the bhikkhuni sangha and receive upasampada in the bhikkhu sangha.”

In case the candidate received upasampada both in bhikkhuni sangha and then bhikkhu sangha, the first upasampada done by bhikkhuni sangha is invalid, as it is not prescribed in the Vinaya. As long as the candidate receive upasampada in the bhikkhu sangha her ordination is complete.

With this understanding one will have a clear view that the upasampada is not done in both sanghas, rather the candidate seek bhikkhuni sangha to help her with the purification of the antarayikadhamma only, the upasampada for bhikkhuni is still to be done by the bhikkhu sangha.

Dhammananda bhikkhuni