Meeting with the Acting Sangharaja

On Sept.24,2014 Ven.bhikkhuni Dhammananda led a group of bhikkhunis and sikkhamanas to meet the Acting  Sangharaja at Wat Paknam, Thailand.
It was a very pleasant meeting, Somdej Pra Maha Rajamangalacarya, acting Sangharaja emphasized the point that the candidate for bhikkhuni ordination must be sikkhamana for 2 years, and must be ordained in both the sanghas.
Ven.Dhammananda reassured him that she is following exactly that, this came from a close study of the vinaya as prescribed in the Tripitaka. This is a confirmation that the samaneris should be pronounced as sikkhamanas for two years.

Also  seeking ordination in both the sanghas needs further explanation. The candidate must seek for pavattini (bhikkhuni teacher) who will instruct her as to the proper training and study. After having completed 2 years of following the six anudhammas without breach, then she can look for ordination.
The ordination procedure has been misunderstood as ordination by bhikkhuni sangha and then bhikkhu sangha. But in fact the bhikkhuni sangha only are responsible to question the 24 antarayika dhamma, once the candidate has clarified herself of the antarayika dhamma, the pavattini will make known of her purity to the bhikkhu sangha.

From then on, the bhikkhu sangha can proceed to give her upasampada. So the proper ordination is done by the bhikkhu sangha. (Read in Cullavagga, Vinaya Pitaka)
In Sri Lanka the candidate answers all the 24 antarayikadhammas, then the bhikkhuni sangha gives upasampada. This is not necessary, as in the vinaya it clearly said that the upasampada is done by bhikkhu sangha only.
This will set the bhikkhuni ordination procedure in a proper manner according to the prescription given in the Vinaya.