Kathina Ceremony

Soon after the end of vassa (Rain), we received Kathina (robe offering) ceremony at Songdhammakalyani Monastery on Oct.12. Prior to this date, it rained everyday, but on the kathina day the sky was clear, the temple compound came alive with many stores, some selling brand new shirts with cartoons of  bhikkhunis on it. It was popular item. 


The actual ceremony started at 1 pm. With line of people holding various offering, bank notes fluttered on banana trees,  very typical of Kathina festival. The offering was conducted on the uposatha with the bhikkhuni sangha as recipients.


Ven.Dhammananda welcomed the crowd and gave the regular annual report on the progress of the temple. Indeed, we could see unbelievable progress and improvement. Yasodhara Vihara is coming to completion and ready for the up-coming inauguration on Dec.5.


After having received The Kathina robe,  this year the sangha agreed that it should go to Ven.Dhammavanna. the sangha performed the ritual  of handing the new robe to Ven.Dhammavanna, she put it on her shoulder, then ceremonially removed the former one. Then she went inside to put on the new robe, kathina robe.

We witnessed the ceremony with awe. It was so kind that the bhikkhuni sangha took time to explain the ceremony. We witnessed it before, but it was never explained to us.

Please enjoy browsing through the photo album, next year, I will make it a point to be there again.

Ven.Dhammananda made an announcement that next year, Kathina will be on 2nd Sunday in November, 2015 and Upasampada bhikkhuni Ordination will be on the third Sunday in November,2015.
Please mark the dates.


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