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Sri Lanka

Ordination in Dambulla will be on July 20,2007 Ven.Samaneri Dhammadhira from our temple will be ordained as bhikkhuni.
Anagarika Dhammavijjani will be ordained as Samaneri at Eheliyagoda. Dec.23,2007 ordination for samaneri is scheduled, contact This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Hamburg, Germany

July 18-20  the first International Buddhist Congress will be held in Hamburg, Germany. The theme will be on the ordination of Buddhist nuns in Tibetan Tradition.
There will be at  least 70 learned scholars discussing the possibility and providing both academic and practical suggestions.
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Vassa (Rain retreat) begins July 30. At our monastery, there will be a three –month course offered on the vinaya training and Buddhist education. Living with monastics is featured.
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Locally at our monastery

Sunday English class for children is getting very popular. We combine English, Dhamma and environmental awareness in this class. The children get to learn how to separate garbage, reuse, recycle. Last week they made paper pot, and this coming week they will plant their own vegetable.

Ven.Dhammananda is preparing the material for the 3-month retreat August through October. This is a small group of residents, usually end up an international group, so the media will be both Thai and English. Do come and join us.
We need volunteers with good background on the latest on computer, sound system, etc. Even pure labor is appreciated.

~~ * ~~ See more pictures on our Sunday English Class ~~*~~



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