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Recorded Aug.20,2006

      Early this year in February, 13 Thai  maejis from Chiengmai went to Sri Lanka and was given Pabbajja (lower ordination) and became samaneris. The 13 of them stay together and eventually would form a proper sangha.
 Ven.Dhammananda has been the only Theravada bhikkhuni in Thailand for some times,until last year (2005) Samaneri Dhammarakkhitta became bhikkhuni in Ayudhya with the ordination given by bhikkhu sangha only.  this year (2006) 3 Thai samaneris were given full ordination and became bhikkhunis following Theravada tradition. The ordination was organized also in Ayudhya and conducted by mixed bhikkhunis and bhikkhus. (Mixed meaning of different traditions and nationalities.)
In July 2006 Sukhetta bhikkhuni, another Thai samaneri was ordained properly by bhikkhuni and bhikkhu sangha at Dambulla. Her bhikkhuni preceptor is Ven.Bhikkhuni Rahatungoda Saddha Sumana, the most senior upajjhaya in Sri Lanka.
Up to date there are about 16 Theravada samaneris and 6 bhikkhunis in Thailand.

      Burmese bhikkhunis ordained in Sri Lanka in 2003 are now in Sri Lanka and United States.Ven.Saccavadi, in Sri Lanka is persuing  higher education in Ph.D. level in Colombo.Ven.Gunasari, former medical doctor, is now practicing in the U.S.

This is far from complete and we welcome any information from Theravada countries.


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