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      Samaneri Dhammananda was born as Chatsumarn Kabilsingh in Thailand in 1945. She received her B.A degree from Magadh University, Bangkok, an M.A. degree from McMaster University, Canada, and a Ph.D. degree from Magadh University, India. She was a professor of Buddhist Philosophy at Thammasat University in Bangkok for over 20 years before she received her novice ordination from Venerable Dhammaloka Mahathera, Deputy Chief Sangharaja of Amarapura, Sri Lanka on February 6, 2001. She is the author of THAI  WOMEN IN BUDDHISM and many other books on Buddhism, as well as a past President of Sakyadhita (Daughters of Buddha) International, a Buddhist women's organization.

      Samaneri Dhammananda visited Malaysia in June 2002 at the invitation of the BGF. She gave talks at the lpoh Buddha Dhamma Association, Buddhist Maha Vihara and BGF. During her stay at theBGF. Lee Bee Sim interviewed her, together with Low Yin Teing and Jacyln Wee Su Yin, on why she became a nun despite the controversy of female ordination in Thailand, what she thinks about women and Buddhism and her new life now that she is ordained.     

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Dear Dutch Dhamma sisters!
December 2002,

            Five joyful days of joining in Thai temple life lay behind me. Let me tell you, practitioners in Zen and Vipassanameditation, about my experiences. I feel moved and inspired, andwriting this letter is also for myself a welcome process of "working-through"! Here are some of my impressions. Around 50 kilometers drive West from Bangkok, along a noisy6-lane highway, at left hand side you can find a white building, paintedin surprising green and pink, with the sign at the entrance: "Training Centre for Buddhist women". Other signs and advertisements around the busy spot include "Bridgestone, a grip on the future", which touches me as ironic while I enter the place where I'm to practice to be now, and let go,and to see the truth of having no grip on whatsoever...
Spiritual leader and director of Wat Songdhammakalyani (meaning: women who practicedhamma) is Venerable Dhammananda Samaneri. The community at the Wat consists of Dhammananda and eight women, ranging from a schoolgirl of 14 to a lady in her seventies, and four moresentient beings: the dogs. May I take you around?

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      An effort to lead one's life as a good bhikkhuni is good, as long as it lasts, but it isnot sufficient to keep Buddhism going. Buddhism must be supported by the pillars of Sangha, Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis. So, it is important for a good bhikkhuni to also live harmoniously in a sangha. As an individual bhikkhuni, regardless of how good or efficient one is, one will eventually pass away, yet the sangha must remain strong and continue on. For this reason, the Buddha always insisted things offered to him should be offered to the sangha. He emphasized the importanceof the sangha over oneself.

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