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  • To support underprivileged women, girls for better quality of life.
  • To provide knowledge and training for women to be able to support themselves.
  • To promote cultural advancement.
  • To work for social upliftment and co-ordinate with other GO and NGO organizations.
  • Having no political involvement.
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The Foundation supports three major projects :: 
      YASODHARA  – a quarterly newsletter reporting on International Buddhist women’s activities. It provides forum for Buddhist women of all traditions to share their experience and activities to promote a better understanding and build up network among them. Distribution covers 35 countries.
      BUDDHASAVIKA – a short period training project for Buddhist women. This training is designed to provide basic Buddhist education, promotes self-confidence and aim to balance the development of body and mind. Providing participants with meditation, yoga, and Ch’i Kong.
      HOME OF PEACE AND LOVE – This project provides shelter for underprivileged women and also provides educational opportunity for underprivileged girls. The project emphasises special training and religious atmosphere for members of the home.

        Ven. Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, Director.
        195 Petkasem Hwy. Muang distict, Nakhonpathom Thailand, 73000
        Tel. & Fax. 66 34 284 315
        Email :  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  

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  • YASODHARA   intends  to  give  information  on  Buddhist  women's  activities  and  studies  on  them  from  various  countries  around  the  word.
  • YASODHARA  is  also  interested  in  helping  bhikkhuni  Sangha  in  as  many  countries  as  possible.
          Ven. Dhammananda (Thailand)
          Mrs. Pimphun Hansakul (Thailand)
          Dr. Wilasinee Piphitkul (Thailand)
          Ven. Dhammananda
          195 Petkasem Hwy, Muang Dist,
          Nakhonpathom  7300  Thailand
          e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
          You  will  receive  four  issues  annually  by  air-mail.We  would  be  grateful  if  our  reader  could  help  with  printing  and  mailing  cost  at  the  following  rate : US$  12 a year
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Songdhammakalyani Monastry 195 Petkasem Highway Muang District, Nakhonpathom Thailand 73000
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