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Tsunami in Japan Print E-mail
Yesterday, Ven.Dhammananda made donation for victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan through SCB fund.
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  • UCEC2012=> Ven.Dhammananda will give a keynote speech on "Education, Spirituality and Social Responsibility" at a joint Conference on University-Community Engagement  for  empowerment and Knowledge Creation at the Le Meridien Hotel, Chiangmai on Jan.9,2012 at 10 A.M.        
  •  Ven.Dhammananda and Ven.Subodha went to give a dharma talk to female inmates at Nakhonpathom provincial prison on Dec.14,2011. There were around 50 women, they were uplifted with the dharma offered by the bhikkhunis.    

  •  Ven.R.Saddha Sumana visited our temple,
     the picture was taken in the mud house . 

  • Announcement : there will be an ordination for bhikkhunis in Vaisali June 30th 2012. the candidates must have complete 2 years as samaneris and after the ordination will receive training foe the vassa. the venue will be at Mahapajapati Nunnery (Vietnamese temple) Vishwashanti Pagoda Road, Vaishali 844128, Hazipur Dist. Bihar, India + 919431007668  Contact person Bhikkhunis Lieu Phab This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

  • Living Buddhism 21-26 November 2011.. An international class on Living Buddhism, we have students from Australia, Canada, Cambodia, Japan and our own monastic members.

  •  Germany trip

Ven.Dhammananda will  be at Hamburg U during Aug.17-22,2011.
She is scheduled to speak to a group of Thais at a Tea House in a park near the campus at 15 hr. on Aug.17.
She is scheduled to give her presentation at an international conference on Mindfulness at Hamburg U on Aug 19.
On Aug.21 His Holiness the Dalai Lama will meet public audience at Audi Max in Hamburg U.
Ven.Dhammananda will return to Thailand on Aug.22.
Should there be any local from Hamburg wanting to be in touch with her, she will be staying at Grand Elysee Hotel at Rothenbaumchaussee 10, near Hamburg U.

Annual Samaneri Ordination Announcement 6 April Print E-mail
Samaneri from Mongolia visited during 28October - 5 November 2010 Print E-mail

Visitors - Sisters from USA, Vietnam, India, Philippines Print E-mail

Visitors - Sisters from USA, Vietnam, India, Philippines
Sunday 24 October 2010


  • Invitation for summer Course in Jain Philosophy
  • News from bhikkhunis in Thailand (reported July 18,2008)
  • Buddha Dordenma Project (Bhutan)
  • Update Article
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