" Dalai Lama in Hamburg 2007 "

In less than one month, H.H. the Dalai Lama will land in Hamburg! 


+++ Exchange of your ticket +++

Important information for admission!

If you have purchased a ticket for the "Learning peace" weekend, or a multiple entry pass for July 23 to 27, you will have to exchange your purchase confirmation for an admission ticket showing your seat number before you enter the stadium.

To prevent large crowds at the exchange points, we shall offer various places in the city of Hamburg where you may effect this exchange during the week of July 16 to 20. We shall inform you on those places by newsletter in July.

Please, use this advance exchange possibility, by all means! This will allow you to get into the stadium with great ease on the day of the event, and to use the public transportation network of the HVV to get there. Only the admission pass authorizes you to use the HVV network on the dates your pass is valid - not so the purchase confirmation.

Of course, you may also exchange your purchase confirmation for the admission ticket on the day of the event, or during any of the event days, however, as of July 21, you will only be able to do so at the tennis stadium at the Rothenbaum!

Day tickets and tickets to the public talk on Sunday afternoon need not be exchanged.

+++ Day tickets now also available +++

For the five-day event "Buddhist Philosophy and Practice" day tickets are now also available. You may conveniently book individual days via the Internet: http://www.dalailama-hamburg.de/index.php?id=12&L=1 You may also purchase individual day tickets from July 16, 2007 onwards at the tennis stadium ticket office, subject to availability.

We do not have any detailed program for individual days of the teachings. Only the closing date is certain:

On July 27, to close the teachings, H.H. the Dalai Lama will give an initiation into Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom. Within this ritual, he will also give the Buddhist refuge and the lay vow.

+++ To the participants in the "Learning peace" weekend +++

The program for this weekend is now firm. Within the three blocks of the event, the Dalai Lama will give introductory lectures on how to practice non-violence in everyday life, how to develop the mind towards compassion, and on suitable methods to overcome hatred and aggression.

In addition to the lectures, the Dalai Lama will dialogue with panel members from the most diverse social areas. The famous journalist and television moderator Roger Willemsen will moderate the discussions. For further information: http://www.dalailama-hamburg.de/index.php?id=87&L=1

+++ Discount for welfare recipients +++

Recipients of welfare benefits, with the corresponding attestation, may buy tickets to the five-day event "Buddhist Philosophy and Practice" at the reduced price of 150 Euro. These tickets will be assignable to other welfare recipients. Please pass on this information to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who might be interested.

With best regards,
The Organizing Committee
Der Dalai Lama in Hamburg 2007

Der Dalai Lama in Hamburg 2007
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