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      It is our attempt to fill you in with info. That you need to know about female ordination issues particularly in Theravada tradition. We try to provide you also with linkage to give you with more info. In other tradition. As the Buddha said everything is all inter-related and inter-connected. It is only with our limitation both with space, time and our ability that we have to focus on Theravada Buddhist ordained women.

      Here in this space we try to provide info. To questions which are often and repeatedly asked.
      If it needs detailed info. Then we will direct you to the specific article specially provided under “articles.”

Q & A

1.Where are you?
      We are at 195 Petkasem Hwy., Muang District, Nakhonpathom 73000 Thailand.
      Look for the map on “Site map”

2. I would like to come and practice for the week-ends do you have the facilities?
      Yes, call us at 034 258 270, there is a small fee to cover boarding and lodging $10 a day. We provide 2 main meals and quiet residence. Resident is expecting to follow the monastic rhythm of getting up of morning chanting at 5.30 AM and evening chanting at 7 PM On Sunday we also have dhamma class for public.

3. How many of you are in the monastery? I intend to come and make offering on my birthday?
      There are only one bhikkhuni, 2 samaneris, and 2 maejis. We also have 5 lay women practicing as volunteers.

4. Can any one come for ordination?
      Ordination is still a controversial issue in Thai society, though not for us, members. Therefore you can come and try out by living with us as a lay member, if you feel comfortable with the life style then you can think of taking more commitment. Here we emphasize on living in a community.