Training Courses

      To balance between the development of mind and body, participants will have time to practice both meditation and chanting. There is introduction to Ch’I Kong and Yoga. Taking care of the body is equally important, foot massage will be introduced to allow one to be able to take care of their own health. Group discussion has always been a successful therapy, games to discover oneself, etc.

 Khun Raenu was our speaker on  "Massage for health”

“Crossing the dangerous sea”  one of the games introduced for community building.

20 people attended the International training course.

Dr. Ophira ginsburg, a medical Doctor from Canada was part of the group.


Meditation Training for International Women
Songdhammakalyani Temple,Nakhonpathom, Thailand

Globalization is a monstrous dark cloud hovering on us, pressing us to do nothing else but to consume, not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the capitalists.

      Is there an alternative lifestyle which one can find in order that one can live yet a meaningful life? 
      This 3-day meditation training is offered just to answer to this quest. There will be a training of the body, mind and engaged worldview with a touch of empowerment for women.
      Training of the mind. Meditation practice will be designed to be able to able to cope with sleeplessness, to heal one’s self, to strengthen one’s self from fear, anxiety and insecurity.
      Training of the body. Training of the body will be an integration of basic yoga, Ch’I Kong, and foot massage. Purification of the body with an intake of vegetarian diet.
      Towards the well being of society. With the combination of the training and balancing of the mind and the body, one will also be participating in a group action, discussions on how to engage oneself for the benefit of others.

      Date : Dec.28-31,2002

      Venue: Songdhammakalyani Temple, on Petkasem Hwy, km 52-53, Nakhonpathom.
      Contact : Ven.Dhammananda (Dr. Chatsumarn Kabilsingh)   This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it   Tel.034 284 315
       Registration fee B3000 (covers simple accommodation with 2 vegetarian meals a day with light snack in the evening.

Limited number of participants, max.15 persons. Book early

Time table for Special Buddha Savika Training



          19 hr.  Regular Evening, Chanting, meditation I, Introduction getting to know the place, the rythym, etc.

         5.10 hr. Morning Chanting, meditation
         6.05 hr. Ven. Leaves for alms round (you may for follow for an experience)
         7.30 hr. Breakfast
         8.30 hr. Dhamma talk Session I
         9.30 hr. Ch’I Kong
        10.30 hr. Sunday offering of Dana, chanting and meditation
        11.45 hr. Lunch
        13.30 hr. Activities : Being together
        14.30 hr. Working with clay : getting to know yourself
        16.0   hr. Exercise : taking care of your spine
        16.30 hr. Refreshment
        17.0  hr.  Walking meditation in the garden (optional)
        18.0  hr.  Light supper (optional)
        19.0  hr.  Evening chanting, meditation II
        20.0  hr.  Questions and answers.
        21.0  hr.  Rest

        5.30 hr.  Morning chanting, meditation iii
        6.30 hr.  being with nature : getting to know the female saints.
        7.30 hr.  breakfast
        8.30 hr.  Dhamma talk : Session ii
        9.30 hr.  Ch’I Kong
       10.30 hr. Yoga (beginner’s)
       11.45 hr. Lunch
       13.30 hr. community building
       14.30 hr. Meditation in Action : fruit carving
       15.30 hr. balancing the body : foot massage
       16.30 hr. refreshment
       17.0   hr. Dhamma lesson from nature
       18.0   hr. Light supper (optional)
       19.0   hr. Evening chanting, meditation IV
       20.0   hr. Questions and answers
       21.0   hr. Rest

5.30 hr. Morning chanting, meditation v
         6.30 hr. being with nature : walking meditation
         7.30 hr. breakfast
        8.30 hr. Dhamma talk session III
        9.30 hr. Ch’I Kong
      10.30 hr. Yoga
      11.45 hr. lunch
      13.30 hr. being together
      14.30 hr. using our inner strength
      15.30 hr. Concluding session